“And just as it is possible to go from any place to any other, so also, starting from a defined and specialized field, can one arrive at a realization of ever-extending relationships.  Thus tangential subjects come into view.  The thoughts however, can, I believe, be traced back to the event of a thread.” –Anni Albers


Rebecca Daryl Smith is a practiced weaver working through craft and material. She studied Fiber and Material at Syracuse University (2008-2010), received her BFA in fiber from the Maryland Institute College of Art (2012), and is currently an MFA candidate at Cranbrook Academy of Art (2020). She has exhibited nationally in group and juried shows. Her practice uses cloth and craft practices to create fragile, contingent, and emotive works which provide quietude, connectivity, and access points for sensitive and complex emotional journeys.

Her practice explores sensitivity, relational development and states of becoming. Nuanced and broad action activate handmade materials through accumulation, organization, and relationships contingent on one another. As the collections grow, tender and curious universes gather. Space is created to explore the organisms, characters, and relics that simultaneously emerge from the amassed details. Her process is a call and response between her hands and the materials, the materials and the structure, and the viewer and the object. She often ask: how do we adapt and grow in response to our environments, experiences, and relationships to one another? Both the physical works and her process afford space to unpack these concerns of co-dependence, emotional dissonance, and self-reflexivity. By abstracting the language, history and process of craft and textile, her work heightens awareness and shifts perspectives to participate in a conversation about both the trials and brilliance in our interconnectedness.