"Don't be confused by the surface, in the depths everything becomes law." 


My journey as a fiber artist began in crochet, grew to installation, and has landed me into the world of weaving.  I began studying fibers and textiles at Syracuse University in 2008.  As a new art student, I was eager to try my hand at everything and delve into the community.  I worked across many disciplines exploring and discovering as much as possible.  Yearning for a change and more technical guidance, I moved to Baltimore to finish my BFA in fibers at the Maryland Institute College of Art.  I learned to weave at Syracuse with Sarah Saulson, and studied with Piper Shepard and Annet Couwenburg among other incredible fiber and sculptural instructors at MICA.  I focused a lot on accumulation, installation, and sculptural fiber arts during my undergraduate.  After graduating, I moved to a small town in Virginia to work in the mosaics industry- producing, designing, and marketing for the business and also reignited my weaving practice in my home studio.  I moved to New York in 2013.  Inspired by the path of my mentors in the city, I began my own business making woven jewelry and home goods in 2014 and continued to weave in my studio.  In the summer of 2016, I studied weaving at Haystack Mountain School and continued intensive study in 2017 at Penland School of Craft with Tommye Scanlin and Bhakti Ziek.  The concept that many parts act towards a greater whole has been a guiding motif throughout my journey.  That this idea is integral to the woven structure seems fortuitous and I continue to use this core as a guide in my studio practice.

I create out of the incessant need to make.  I take pleasure in accumulation, in repeating or overworking processes and creating layers.  Often, I make without an end in mind.  Ambiguous or strange objects, designs and forms collect, amass, or mark and suddenly need a history.  It is my responsibility to find where they belong and to give them context.  I consider each cloth s portrait- embed with information, action and adaption.  In my process and construction I strive to endow each work its own breath, flow and implicit order.   Regardless of medium, my work strives to surpass mere language, rather to encourage the viewer to reflect and react.  Whether in stumbling upon a subtle, hidden artwork or moment or walking into a deliberate installation, viewers experience the work viscerally and move fluidly between the macro and micro landscape.  Working intricately, I intend to highlight and invite discovery, wonder, curiosity, and intimacy within the universe of each work.  I believe this practice transcends into deeper conversations about the human condition, slowing down, changing perspective, and practicing awareness.